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Damion Fryer explains why Lazyman Hooks are a good option

Soft plastic fishing lures have advanced greatly over the years, even to the extent that some anglers now don't use anything else for their lure fishing. There is a vast range available to the modern day angler, in all sorts of shapes and sizes from swim baits and flukes through to worms, grubs and frogs. The range of colours is almost limitless, with some companies even offering to make a custom colour for you. One of the big advantages of using a soft plastic lure is that you have the option to rig these lures weedless, meaning you can fish these baits in snaggy areas where you couldn't use other types of lures such as plugs, spinners and spoons.

Danion FryerWhen using a weedless hook for these baits, you have the option of fishing them in different ways. You can opt to fish them weightless, you can use a weighted hook or you can add your own worm weight of choice.

As modern day lure anglers, we are always looking at ways to improve our chances of catching, whether we fish in fresh or saltwater.

One company that has taken the rigging of soft plastic lures to the next level is Lazyman Hooks. These enable you to fish with a weighted worm hook and also have the added attraction of a revolving blade.

These hooks originated on Toledo Bend in Texas and were designed by an old man who always caught fish whatever the conditions. Unfortunately, the old man died but thankfully a few of his friends had some of the hooks. As you know, we all lose hooks and over the years the supply ran out. This is when Lazyman Hooks started the backwards engineering process to re-design the hooks for their own use. After many months and many moulds, they have mastered the design and are proud to introduce the Cheater Hook.

If you fish soft plastics, you will love this hook. There is no wrong way to fish with this  and it can be fished with almost any soft plastic. The first thing that you will notice with these hooks is the presence of a spinner blade. 

Damion Fryer

The blades are designed to work at any speed, even when the lure is falling through the water column. The blade is also placed centrally under the bend of the hook rather than at the back so that any fish striking the blade has more chance of being hooked. Thought has also gone in to the placement of the weight, which is at the start of the bend of the hook, so your lure will sink naturally in a horizontal position rather than nose diving down to the bottom. The other advantage is that they also come with a hitchhiker which makes the rigging of lures a lot easier as well as holding your lure in place more securely. The blades come in various shapes and there are also different colour options.

There are four hook sizes in the range, ranging from 2/0 up to 5/0 with a choice of weight options. Whether you fish in salt or freshwater, head over tohttps://www.lazymanhooks.com/ to see the full range of hooks available.

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