Penzance-based Fin-Nor-backed charter boat, Bite Adventures, has made history, smashing the British Blue shark record by an astonishing 42lbs. The beast, which measured in at a whopping 256lb, was part of a 77 shark haul caught over the mid-July weekend.

Skipper Robin ‘Chippy’ Chapman said: “I had a regular party down for a few days fishing for sharks as they do every year. They are a competent group of anglers who always do well. On Saturday, they had a great day, catching 44 sharks, with a good head of big fish. We had a huge male blue, of 129lb, and a good female at 144lb. But we knew there was bigger about! The following day they were straight back out early. John Dines was set in his mind that he wanted a ‘big’un’ and kept to the same method as the day before. He did not have to wait long to see what he had been hoping for.

The third fish that day fell to the trap John set. As soon as he hooked up we knew it was big. It went off like an absolute steam train! The drag of John’s Fin-Nor Marquesa 30 class reel screamed as his Fin-Nor Variado 20/30 class rod arched over and he held on to the first run. After forty minutes of hard battling with this giant, we finally got the first sighting. We saw the fish from the bow as it circled the boat once before going off on another surging run straight back to the ocean’s depths. I told John to remember what he saw because if he lost it nobody would believe him! The fish repeated this five or six times but luckily the 400lb 49-strand wire and 10/0 hook held fast.”

“When the fish was finally beaten and ready to come aboard, there were cheers from around the boat,” exclaimed Chippy, “What a fish!”

The Blue was measured as a new British record at 256lb. It obliterated the previous record of 214lbs, set way back in 1959. The fish was measured and photographed then released back into the water - she swam off very happy indeed. 

For more information about the boat: http://www.biteadventures.com

Smaller, faster, lighter is the philosophy behind the Fin-Nor Lethal LTC16, and it has been achieved without skimping on quality.

The reel has seven hybrid ceramic and stainless-steel bearings contained within a full aluminium body, the latter being multiple coated to keep the elements at bay.

Brass and stainless-steel gears provide the winching power, and the reel cranks in a brisk 47 inches per handle turn.

While this reel is rated as ‘smaller’, it is by no means tiny – the ‘smaller’ definition is probably in comparison to the big-game reels that this model shares a heritage with.

Drag: Star | Ratio: 6.2:1 | Line capacity: 400m 50lb braid


RRP: £149.99


The Fin-Nor Marquesa is a well-established reel with a big-game fishing background.

The MA12 is the smallest reel in the range, but it has excellent line capacity and a retrieve of almost 43 inches per handle turn, making it a good choice for jigging techniques.

The reel is machined from 6061-T6 aluminium, and it has stainless-steel gears and a centrifugal cast control system. Seven bearings make this a smooth-running reel that looks classy as well.

This is a well-appointed reel that is well built, coming from a well-regarded brand in the big-game world.

Drag: Lever | Ratio: 6.1:1 | Line capacity: 300m 30lb braid

RRP: £229.99


Built to last, is the first impression that the Offshore series of fixed-spool reels by Fin-Nor make on you. These are no lightweights, they are powerful workhorse reels designed for fishing in the most demanding circumstances.

TSF 770 x 210 subs ban

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