Thursday, 05 September 2013 14:08

Sharks In The Stour?

Walker's shock at seeing smoothhound 10 miles inland.
Jody Gibbons got the shock of his life recently, after seeing a 5ft shark swimming in the waters of the River Stour – more than 10 miles from the sea!

Jody, 27, filmed the smoothhound on his mobile phone as it circled in shallow water near the edge of the river.

Despite its fearsome appearance, the fish is actually believed to be a 'gummy' or smoothhound shark, which doesn't actually have any teeth at all!

It is thought that the fish swam up the River Stour from the mouth of the estuary, where smoothhounds are commonly found, before becoming trapped when the tide went out.

The marketing executive took some video footage on his mobile phone, so that he could prove to his friends that he had seen the fish so far inland. 

The news comes just days after reports of a thresher shark capture off the Isle Of White and commercial fishermen catching a swordfish in the Tyne Estuary!

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