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Total Sea Fishing September 2017

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Crab Crunch At Trunch

Crab Crucnch At Trunch TSF Sep 17

Matt Crowe has his plans scuppered by an ill wind - but luckily he had a backup in mind!

"The summer arriving in the UK brings with it all manner of new species to catch from both our beaches and boats. The species that gets most of us anglers excited, though, has to be the big, brutal beast that is the smoothhound"




Spider-Man Gets His Skates On

Spider man gets his skates on tsf sep 17

Our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man decides to head north and do battle with some of the underworld's toughest critters!

"Simon Hughes, aka Spidey, is one of the nicest chaps you could wish to meet, with his upbeat personality and guest to catch fish from all corners of the world. He has done battle with sturgeon to 404lb in Canada, which has to be one of his most memorable trips to date"


Get Stuffed!

Get Stuffed TSF Sep 17

Alan Brown shares a baiting secret that has produced some stunning results!

"It's bee a very strange year, to say the least, so far along my stretch of the coast, and I have been hearing the same from other areas as well. Fish are nor showing where they should, the weather is all over the place and the good tides are falling at silly o'clock in the morning here in Sussex."


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