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Total Sea Fishing November 2017

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Taking On The Towers

Taking on towers tsf nov 17

Charlie Coppolo chases bass around some unusual marks in the Thames Estuary

"I think it's fair to say that when you think of the Thames Estuary and all the fishinf it has to offer, bass on lures in clear wayer is probablu not the first thing that comes to mind!"




The Mighty Samson

The Mighty Samson tsf nov 17

Black Tide Fishing's Chriss Kennedy tries out a new lure on some unsuspecting bass

"There is something special about picking up a lure rod, packing light and heading out at this time of year to target bass. From Lyme Bay to Hengistbury Head, Dorset has some of the best luring ground in the country."


Battling Blondes

TSF Battling Blondes Nov 17

Blonde Rays are one of the largest species likely to be encounted by anglers around our coastline. Here's hot to target them...

"Blonde rays (Raja brachyura) are the most common large rays likly to be enountered by UK and Irish anglers. They are actually memebers of the skate family, rather than rays. Unlike some of the exotic ray species that may be caught in the UK waters."


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